Athletes Scholarships in UK for graduate and undergraduate studies at Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University is considered one of the 200 best young universities in the world. The mission is to be known worldwide as a leading university for encouraging learning, knowledge creation, and community enrichment through the integration of education, science, and practice.

The university comprises the College of Health and Social Sciences, the College of Finance, the College of Business Administration, the College of Media and Communications, and the College of Science and Technology.

Bournemouth University in the UK provides scholarships to athletes. Graduate and Undergraduate programs scholarships are intended to provide students with the support they need to improve their athletic abilities and progress them to an advanced stage.

Eligibility requirements for applying for scholarships:

The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate excellence in the sport he has chosen and be part of a provincial, national or international squad or both together and participate at this level. As for athletes in individual sports, they must compete with the best players in the BUCS program.
  • Must be a student in one of Bournemouth’s undergraduate or graduate degree programs and have completed at least 60 undergraduate units.
  • Commitment to continuing advancement and development in the sports sector in all academic, tactical, physical, mental, and lifestyle facets of sport and fully participate in the support programs offered by the university.

Scholarship selection criteria:

  • Demonstrate a willingness to perform all obligations.
  • Achieve minimum qualifying requirements.
  • When you are in a small or large team and play at the national or international level (for athletes in individual games).
  • Referees’ comments. Competitiveness in BUCS games.
  • When you are in a national or higher team and play at this stage (for competitors in sports teams).


  • Compete in local BUCS tournaments and represent English or British universities upon selection.
  • Maintain a deep connection with all facets of your academic journey and develop good relationships with lecturers and course leaders.
  • Bournemouth University is always positively presenting and wearing SportBU clothing in all competitions and photography events.
  • Attend, endorse, and encourage sports training courses run by SportBU.
  • Attending the pre-season training that will commence in the first or second week of September.
  • You can be asked to write blogs or create videos and provide information about you and your progress during and after competitions for promotional purposes.
  • You are expected to maintain current levels of performance in training and competition and look to the next level or be able to demonstrate competence in these levels.
  • You can be invited to attend open days or social activities and a welcome sporting event.
  • Attend the initial grant welcoming ceremony for scholarships and all other workshops offered.
  • Complete the Mathematical Finder profile template shared through Dropbox which includes the weekly plan, annual plan, long-term plan, growth goals, performance goals, and finance.
  • Meeting with the sports performance team two or three times a season.
  • Adhere to photography sessions and allow these images to be used for promotional purposes.

Scholarship value:

The grant is in the range of £500 to 5,000 to cover training and equipment costs, competition registration, travel expenses, or support services.

How to Apply

Fill the online application form here.


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