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Most Popular Jobs in Canada for Newcomers

Per year, thousands of people around the globe immigrate to Canada. But where are they going to end up working? What career routes are they pursuing? For beginners, what are the most popular occupations in Canada?  Immigrants in Canada are more likely to work in housing and food care, followed by banking, transportation, and technical services, and less likely to work in public administration and educational services, according to a 2017 Statscan Survey. For more information and fascinating facts, read below!  


Top 5 most common sectors and jobs for newcomers in Canada 


Finance, Real Estate, Banking, and Leasing 

The financial industry employs the second highest (34%) immigrant workforce in Canada and contributes substantially to the annual GDP of Canada. This is where Canadians go to buy their money, save them, mortgage them, save them, and insure them. 

Canada’s biggest financial workers are in Toronto, with the world’s fifth-highest employment rate. Not to mention the generous pay in this booming industry that comes with employment.


Lodging and Food Services 

The majority of immigrants in Canada (35 percent) work in housing and food facilities, according to the survey. For many immigrants who are still finding their feet, this sector provides the most ‘survival’ or part-time jobs. It’s a means of acquiring Canadian work experience for you that unlocks doors to higher-paying careers. 

The positive news is that the minimum wage in Canada is around $14 an hour – enough to lead a decent life in the Great North.


Transportation and Storage 

In a post-pandemic environment, there are different jobs in Canada that will be in demand and many of them are helped by the transportation and warehousing industry. The industry also boasts the third highest number of foreign jobs in Canada (33 percent). Over the last five years, trucking jobs have been some of the toughest to fill in Canada. 

For this cause, by prioritizing their work permit applications, the ICCRC has made it much easier for foreign truck drivers to work in Canada.



Canada’s industrial sector accounts for 1.7 million full-time workers worldwide and nearly 527, 000 of these quality jobs are filled by immigrants. Canadian employers are strongly sought after by industrial trade workers, such as machinists and food processing laborers. 

In fact, through the Federal Skilled Trade Worker Program (FSTP) that is operated by the Express Entry scheme, trade workers from overseas will immigrate to Canada in less than a year.


Skilled, technological, and research resources 

The industry for professional, scientific, and technological services depends less on machinery and materials, and more on the expertise and experience of its employees. It sells an experience, which is typically obtained with a college or college degree. 

In this well-paying sector, nearly 32 percent of immigrants are working and most of them have immigrated to Canada via the Express Entry scheme for qualified workers. It is necessary to have your international credentials or degrees accepted if you choose to work in Canada’s technical field.


Want to go to Canada to work? Here are 2 ways to get it done! 


Get Help for Employers 

Employment permits are given to applicants with job opportunities in Canada more often than not, allowing them to work for a short time in the country and with a single employer. 

There are different kinds of work-permit schemes, such as the IEC Working Holiday Visa or the Seasonal Agricultural Scheme. An advantage of living in Canada on a temporary basis is the development of substantial job experience that dramatically increases the chances of long-term immigration performance.


Immigrating to Canada 

Canada caters to both, whether you’re a professional higher education worker or an advanced skilled worker with on-the-job experience. 

Immigrant applicants are evaluated according to the federal government’s CRS or the points system of a provincial government, based on the scheme you apply for. Points are awarded for age, language skill, academic level, work experience, whether the applicant has a job offer or not, and certain variables of adaptability.

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  1. i want to go to canada to begin a new carreer . i have skills in plumbing and few years of experience in this field.
    i also can work in different other fields

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